Furniture facades, Posters


Façades are defined as the front surfaces of the cabinetry: cabinet doors, drawer panels, etc. Essentially, this is the “formal face” of a kitchen, which also has many practical functions. Aluminum façades – cabinet doors of aluminum profiles with glass and acrylic plastic inserts.

  • kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinet doors
  • office cabinetry doors
  • drawer façades
  • esthetic, functional appearance
  • great durability against scratches and other damage
  • can be used for kitchen cabinetry, office and residential cabinetry


The use of high-quality surfaces of matte anodized aluminum gives cabinetry an exclusive and elegant look and simplicity of line. It creates interesting spatial effects. Kitchen backsplashes or “APRONS” – these are places above cutting boards, sinks, and stoves…. The name “kitchen apron” speaks for itself: keep in mind the analogy with a homemaker’s textile apron – this is basic element for a cook while preparing food…. As a rule, this zone is the most complicated from a design viewpoint, since it attracts the most attention from both family members and guests.
Kodukomfort offers an alternative to ceramic tiles for your consideration – a glass backsplash. The glass is fastened to the countertop with the help of aluminum profiles. A drawing is made on the back of the glass. An original solution could be a wide-format photo. Firstly, this makes the kitchen especially original; secondly, it helps distract attention from the cabinetry and “soften” the interior. Thirdly, in this case, there are no limits to one’s fantasy – it is just important to choose the right photo. Such a backsplash requires little maintenance and looks very effective with additional lighting. Transparent glass can be used with a bright wallcovering, which is also attached to the back of the glass.